Awards 'n Recognition

Here are some things we've won along with some recognition we've received.


Winner - Best Web Series - Oregon Independent Film Festival - 2016

Our hometown loved us so much that they gave us the Best Web Series Award for Summer America Barnham's Book Club for Ladies. They also gave us an amazing glass/acrylic award for our desks.


Official Selection - Portland comedy film festival - 2016

Portland's Belmont Avenue was flooded the night we got to screen two episodes of Summer America Barnham's Book Club for Ladies and do a little Q&A for a packed house. We were asked, "Where did the name Summer America Barnham originate?" I go to mention my great-great-great-great aunt (I think that's all the greats) America Tipton. 


Official Selection - HollyWeb Festival - 2016

Wally and I drove through the night to Los Angeles to see Big Ed Barnham's One of a Kind Big Find of the Week screened in the Charlie Chaplin Theater on the Raleigh Studios lot. We spent the entire weekend watching other web series submissions, learning a tremendous amount, over-caffeinating at the awards ceremony, and driving through the night to get back home.