Big Ed Barnham's Lemonade Break


Big Ed Barnham's Lemonade Break


Take a break, have delightful snacks, sway to some music, and enjoy some lemonade with Big Ed Barnham and Cole “Screaming Eagle” Wilson.


  • 30 minutes of hand selected vinyl record playing (at a responsible volume) on a portable turntable.

  • Lemonade made from actual lemons AND the not-so-secret recipe from which it was made.

  • Delicious snacks (e.g., macaroni salad, pickled eggs, cheese ‘n baguette).

  • Jokes.

  • Whimsy.

  • Selfies.

  • Big Ed’s shout-out on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (nearly a $0 value).


  • Lemonade Break lasts about 45 minutes, and is suitable for an intimate group of four.

  • Big Ed and Cole abide by the rules outlined by Portland Parks and Recreation. They provide no alcohol, and will not participate in an un-permitted event for which a permit is required.

  • Must be in Portland, Oregon.

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