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Holiday Card Club

It doesn’t matter if you’re firmly entrenched in Christmas, you celebrate a different holiday, or you just sit around angry during the holidays because people don’t want to celebrate your way…we’ll send you a card.

Each holiday card will contain the following items.

  • A recycled card from someone else’s amazing past holidays

  • A hand-written, holiday greeting from Big Ed Barnham

  • A vintage holiday photo

  • A short holiday story by Big Ed Barnham

  • Big Ed’s Eggnog Cocktail Recipe (that he’s perfected over 10 years of experimentation)

  • Big Ed's Non-Traditional Feast Recipes (that he’s cooking for this year's holiday feast)

  • an undisclosed digital surprise

Cards will be sent by December 9, 2018.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

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